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Samir Patel - CEO/President

A Graduate of the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Management, Samir has built the 360 Hospitality team to make the business of hospitality management their mission.

A natural born leader, Samir has been managing businesses his entire adult life. After earning his Certified Hotel Administrator designation from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, he immediately set out to build a successful hotelier’s portfolio. That passion and drive led to his current holdings of 6 hotels and a convention center, on the back of his early success managing and expanding the first of his acquisitions, a boutique hotel in 2006. Under Samir’s leadership, his first acquisition attained recognition and branding as part of the 3rd largest most recognized hotel flags in the world.

Since, he has expanded his focus to bringing guests and consumers the experiences they want in the most efficient and effective ways, by staying true to his philosophy that:

“Leadership, delegation, and empowerment are essential to everyone’s success.”

Samir surrounds himself with the most qualified and talented professionals from the hospitality industry, and prides himself on recognizing and encouraging in his staff the drive and professionalism needed to succeed.

Dilesh Patidar - Chief Operating Officer

The hospitality industry is more than just a business – it is a way of life. Dilesh knows this all too well. He has been raised in and around the industry, and has been immersed in the intricacies of managing and maintaining quality hotels in an evolving world from an early age. His attention to the detailed and sometimes difficult tasks of maintaining a profitable business while providing a quality experience to guests, led him to attain a Bachelorette degree in finance from the University of South Florida’s College of Business. Which Dilesh immediately applied it to his passion industry as the General Manager of one of America’s most recognized hotel brands. Dilesh brings a lifetime of experience to bear when analyzing the data and financial complexities of a continuously changing industry. Whether bringing the latest and most efficient management techniques to his work, yielding above industry standard profit margins, or routinely leading the Comp Set in RevPAR, Dilesh has put his experience and education to the test for the 360 Hospitality team.

Nick Patel – Chief Development Officer

Nick Patel is the embodiment of the Entrepreneurial Spirit! His experience in owning and operating businesses expands, not only industries, but decades.  From his first 23 room motel that opened in 1981, to his latest acquisition of pristine beach property to build his newest hotel in 2016, Nick has a passion and talent for development.  His experience and diversified business portfolio is a testament to his aptitude for finding diamonds in the rough, and making them shine.  In 1999, this became apparent when he scouted what most dismissed as an obscure piece of undeveloped property in Cocoa, Florida.  This humble site became the center point for Brevard County’s event and lodging needs.  Now known as the Space Coast Convention Center, this area also houses a Holiday Inn Express & Suites and both enterprises flourish today.

Dipak Patidar – Chief Financial Officer

Currently works as a Certified Public Accountant in Melbourne, FL, operates four major hotel properties in Brevard County and has been in the hospitality business for more than 20 years. He received his B.B.A degree in Accounting from Valdosta State University in Georgia. He began his career working for the City of Titusville, FL as a staff accountant. While working for the city, he was enrolled at the University of Central Florida to further his education. In 1991, he received his B.B.S. in Finance, and soon after moved to Melbourne, FL, and began working as the senior accountant for the City of Melbourne, FL. Over time, he became involved with the hospitality business and found his niche. He managed and owned his own motel in the 90s and from there became more invested by building three InterContinental Hotel Group properties, and becoming a part owner of an America’s Best Value Inn. He continues to practice as a CPA, and is very involved with the properties he has partnerships with.

Denzil Noronha – Regional Manager

Much like the Cruise Industry where he began his career, Denzil is multi-national. He has lived and worked around the globe since 1983 when he was first recruited by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Over the next few decades, Denzil has flourished in an industry that demands warm and welcoming sincerity with guests, as well as the keen business acumen needed to make the business profitable. Understanding this balance has given Denzil an edge over the last 14 years as the General Manager of a successful beach destination hotel. His strengths are recruiting, coaching and motivating his staff to exceed all benchmarks and want to grow within an industry he has spent his career championing. Denzil provides 360 Hospitality with award-winning, profit-oriented methods for leading RevPAR, cost and quality controls that he now shares with their clients.

Naseer Muttalif – Regional Director of Sales

Naseer Muttalif joined the 360 Hospitality team as the Regional Director of Sales, bringing with him a wealth of experience from 4 and 5 star properties abroad. Naseer began his career in the premier hospitality destination of Dubai, where he managed the Guest Services Team with the region’s leading hotel group, Rotana Hotel and Resorts. Naseer’s passion for providing exceptional guest experiences stood out, as he was put in charge of facilitating services for royal families, foreign dignitaries, and VIP guests.

Naseer expanded his experience when he joined the pre-opening team of Ayla Hotels and Resorts. There, he developed and managed a successful Recreation and Spa department. He further provided direction and support for the sales department with revenue generating initiatives for the pre-opening team.

Naseer is proud to be part of the dedicated 360 Hospitality team, contributing his positive attitude and hands on sales techniques to optimize revenue from all channels. Naseer’s network is growing by the day. Currently, he has a profitable relationship throughout the Florida region for generating business to business revenue, as well as capitalizing on large community events.

Sean Koch – Regional Revenue Manager

Instilled with a strong work ethic from his family’s business at a young age, Sean Koch was taught very early that profits were not given, but earned. When an unexpected turn of fate brought him into hospitality washing dishes at the local Holiday Inn, he immediately set his sights on the general manager’s office that he would, indeed, one day occupy.

From oceanfront hotels, to road side conference centers, Sean has been able to maintain more than his fair share of the market within his comp set with aggressive revenue management.

“Whether a hotel is being remodeled, for sale, or being ramped up for opening, I believe there is always a unique opportunity that presents itself to increase profits.”

“Thinking out of the box” has been used to describe some of his methods, although the 360 Hospitality team is not sure if you could ever really contain his enthusiasm in a box!

Analyzing past market trends, future changes to the area, and anticipating guest’s always emerging needs, has allowed for the strong and consistent RevPar maximization at the properties Sean has joined. With 20 years of experience in IHG, Choice, La Quinta properties, combined with personal business ventures, Sean’s experience and contributions continue to grow.

“Finding and fine-tuning the strengths of a property to maximize bottom line profit, is always easier with surplus revenues.” Sean Koch

Jade Moore – Staff Development

Jade started in the hospitality industry as a Room Attendant immediately after graduating high school. While some may have shied away from the long hours and hard work, Jade only became more determined to make a difference for her guests by meeting and exceeding standards. Over time, Jade became a supervisor, and turned her love of a challenge into a motivational tool for her staff.

“I wanted to go from great to amazing! More importantly, I wanted to show the staff how to take us there.”

Over the next several years, Jade grew into a seasoned and knowledgeable professional. She is currently the Front Office Manager for a beach destination hotel that consistently ranks in the top tiers for Satisfaction Scores. To this day, her passion and drive to set and exceed goals is alive and well. Jade specializes in knowing the brand standards, and offers thorough and diligent training that allow the workforce to be empowered and confident in their efforts to surpass expectations.

Sarju Patel - Risk Management Analyst

Sarju began his professional career working in sales with The Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce where he began building his large network throughout the Central Florida Community. Since his career began, Sarju has worked in various industries that include ASO Payroll, HR Outsourcing, and PEO Services. After several years of sales in the Central Florida community, Sarj founded a consulting firm, VikSar Consulting Group, that catered to various business needs. Since 2009, the firm has offered products and services that would allow his firm and clients to be more productive and efficient through business services, management services, and renewable energies. Sarj graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors Degree in both Business and MIS in 1999 and obtained his MBA in 2004.

Responsible for selling and consulting with small to mid-size companies regarding payroll  administration and employee/employer benefits such as; tax filing, compensation, health insurance, 401(k), human resource software and time-clocks until 2009. Viksar consulting was formed in 2009 to help business owners become efficient by analyzing their business needs and creating group buying power by working with management companies and associations throughout the U.S.  Board member for ERMA as of 2016.

April Scramlin – Office Manager

April’s management experience, and growing expertise, keeps our team organized and on point! With 15 years in the hospitality industry, April has worked in nearly every aspect of the business – from humble beginnings assisting F&B Managers with conference and restaurant facilities, to developing and managing the complex standards needed by a diverse workforce in Human Resources. April has moved through the ranks, by managing personnel and assets for single properties, as well as multi-property portfolios. A graduate of Eastern Florida State College, April’s career has largely focused on the reorganization of operating procedures, eliminating redundancies and creating workflows that are more profitable.

April holds firmly to the belief that, “A streamlined, consistent process that increases employee’s knowledge and confidence, has a direct positive impact to the bottom line”.

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